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Please Note -- The scans are of the actual coin and are for your initial viewing convenience. Colors and shadows will vary from actual and will be different on different computers.

We offer a 7 day return policy so that you can be assured that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

Population numbers are expressed as XX/YY where the "XX" represents the number of coins listed by PCGS and NGC as having been graded in the given grade and the "YY" is the number of coins graded which are of a higher grade. This is a guide to the rarity of the coin, i.e. how many exist in the entire world!

Prices listed are based on the PCGS Price Guide. If you are interested in more than one coin please contact us for a discount!



$20 Dollar Gold St.Gaudens

NGC Graded

Approximate Population:
878 / 176

$ 1625



$20 Dollar Gold St.Gaudens

NGC Graded

Approximate Population:
662 / 643

$ 780



$20 Dollar Gold St.Gaudens

NGC Graded

Approximate Population:
1168 / 52

$ 1900

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